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Value Proposition Statement

Value Proposition

What is a Value Proposition Statement?

A Value Proposition workshop helps you to clearly articulate the point of your service or product, who it’s for and what makes it unique.

A value proposition is a statement that answers the ‘why’ someone should do business or work with you. It is your unique identifier. Without it, people don’t have a reason to work with you over somebody else. It’s a powerful tool; this tactic helps you get it right.

Prior to running this tactic, uncover information about your target audience with Empathy Map or Prototype Persona.

How to run a Value Proposition workshop

1. On sticky notes, have the participants independently write the answers for each section below.

Target customer: write a descriptive name for your target customer. For example, aspiring facilitators.

Statement of need: Write a statement that articulates the target customer’s core need. For example, needs reliable and uncomplicated workshop guides.

Product/service name: What is the name of your product or service? For example, Workshop Tactics.

Product description: What is your product or product category? For example, a curated set of workshop exercises.

Statement of benefit: The intrinsic benefit for the customer, that also communicates your uniqueness. For example, helps you run the right workshop at the right time.

2. Theme Sort and Blind Vote each section.

3. Assemble the winning answers into this template:

For [target customer] who [statement of the need], our [product/service name] is a [product description] that [statement of benefit].

Like so:

"For aspiring facilitators who needs a reliable and uncomplicated workshop guide, Workshop Tactics is a curated set of workshop exercises that helps you to run the right workshop at the right time."

Origin: Geoff Moore

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