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A small members-only community that helps you lead your product team.

Influence the design culture of your organisation through workshops and facilitation.

  • Weekly live tutorials on product workshops
  • A Workshop Tactics deck + bonus content and materials
  • Supportive community to help you plan and practice workshops

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You already know how powerful the design process is.

You speak to users. You test designs before they go into development. You relentlessly spread the message that problem-solving together is the way forward.

But it’s hard when you’re waving the flag for design all on your own. You feel like a broken record. A small voice lost in a sea of noise and bureaucracy. Change feels impossible.

So why bother?

You want to make a real impact with your work, and you are humble enough to know you can’t do it on your own. But you are far more influential than you think.

Product Club is here to help you unlock that influence with a supportive community, curated content and practical tools.

The key to changing culture is to take people along on a journey. There is no better way of doing that than bringing them together in high-impact workshops.

Workshop Tactics is a deck of product workshops that help you do that. The Product Club community is exploring how to make use of them, together. We conduct live weekly tutorials on how to run the tactics.

Product Club has a growing vault of member-only content

Product Club is a melting pot of product people, all trying to make a change. From UX and content designers, product and delivery managers, researchers, developers and QA testers. We all believe a design-led process deserves to be front and centre, and we are willing to grow and learn together - helping each other to succeed. 

And there’s more to it than workshops. Much more. There’s leadership, psychology and storytelling. Together, we will dive deeper into everything we already know about what makes people tick, and we’ll use it to win your company over to your way of (design-) thinking.

You don’t want to dread going to work. It should be a pleasure to do the kind of work we do. You want to finish the day and feel like you’ve made progress.... and you can, with a supportive community and a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

There is no better feeling than launching a product without conflict. Or watching your team clamber to join user testing. Or hearing that the CEO wants to hire more designers. This is all within your grasp. You can create a culture that values design.

Product Club is on a mission to help you become an effective change maker. We’d be glad if you could join us. It’s time to make some waves.

Charles Burdett
Founder of Product Club

Want to chat? I reply to every email: charles [at]
Or DM me on Twitter.

Portrait of Charles Burdett, creator of Workshop Tactics, the tool that creates better workshops


Who am I, and why did I start Product Club?

Hey, I'm Charles Burdett 👋. For a long time, running product team workshops was a large part of my practice as a UX design lead in organisations such as the Co-op and the BBC. Getting people solving problems together was a powerful way to influence the direction and design of the products and services I worked on.

I knew I could help people like you. The ‘workshop tactics’ I had picked up throughout my career were still novel to a lot of people, despite most of them being timeless exercises. They are all centred around helping teams make sense, make decisions, come up with ideas and have meaningful discussions.

There’s so much stuff out there. So I put the best in one place, and as a designer with love for beautiful physical artefacts - turned them into a handy deck of cards, called Workshop Tactics. Workshop Tactics did so well that I was able to quit full-time work to pursue this as a business. At first, it was quite daunting. I felt stuck, so I did what felt like the most common-sense thing to do: speak to my customers.

I spoke to 40+ Workshop Tactics customers. There were two learnings that stood out:

  1. My customers wanted more support and context to get the best out of the cards
  2. They didn’t buy Workshop Tactics to strictly run workshops. They were trying to change the culture of their organisation to work in a more collaborative, design-led way.

Spreading the power of design is what I get out of bed for. I love to see the transformation from someone with firmly held opinions, to someone who insists we test our ideas quickly.

Workshops help with that, but combining them with other elements, such as leadership skills, psychology and storytelling are paramount for becoming an effective ‘culture changer’.

I created Product Club to bring all these skills into focus and to give my customers what they told me they need. I'm here to guide you on product team workshops, effective presentation and storytelling, and how to be an effective leader. The whole community is on hand to offer their ideas and feedback - as product people, we know how powerful that can be. And besides...

Everything is better when we do it together. We yearn for community. It accelerates our passion and learning when we can bounce off like-minded, kindred spirits in a safe space. It’s taken a while for me to get here, and it hasn’t been straightforward. But I’m in it for the long haul, and I can’t wait to see how I can help you step up into the position of leading your team.

I’m here to help you change the culture of your team. So you aren’t the only one waving the flag for design. It'll be my pleasure to have you join our growing community.

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