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Workshops are the key to a design-led culture

Instead of convincing, show your team the value of design by bringing them along the journey with workshops.

Product Club members get a deck of Workshop Tactics, and a supportive community and content to help you hone your workshop facilitation skills.

“Workshop Tactics help make everyone feel included in the design process.”

Liv Morris, Senior Project Manager.

Show the way with Workshop Tactics.

Meetings are terrible. They are frustrating and slow. Your team hates them. And instead of solving problems, they become the problem. 

Workshop Tactics is a deck of the most useful workshops that your team actually needs day-to-day to design, stay aligned, and move your product forward.

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The easy-to-use strategy makes running workshops feel a lot more accessible.

– James Lindeman, Design Director.

The clear steps are great at encouraging people to think about outcomes and structures of sessions.

– Rachael Shah, Delivery Manager

Learn and grow with the community.

It’s hard to make change on your own.

As a Product Club member, you have a safe space to plan and practice your workshops, get advice on leading your team and access to weekly live workshop tutorials.

From experienced leaders, to students and newbies - we’re all here to help each other.

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